Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Eat or To Eat. Always the Question.

I'm in a dilemma over which recipe I should post.

For a change, I've got more than enough photos to plaster over the page. I've got solid recipes that would rock your world. They did mine.

Maybe I should talk about my experiments with the humble Chicken Shawarma. Instead of walking down the roading and popping by Citi Square to buy a shawarma (and Diet Coke, duh), I decided to make them for dinner. So instead of spending 70 bucks and ten minutes in toto, I spent 6 hours and significantly more money on crafting out Donner kebabs.

Imagine a chicken shawarma on steroids (which, post-medical education, doesn't make sense because there are steroids other than your garden-variety performance-enhancing [ew] anabolic steroids).

Either way, you get Donner kebabs.

Fluffy homemade pita. Creamy homemade tahini-yogurt sauce. Homemade shawarma pickles. Pomegranate seeds, coriander leaves, crunchy lettuce strewn over. And some homemade garlic french fries thrown into the mix. It's worth every second of those six hours. Did I mention almost all of it was made at home?

Seems like a winner, right?

Until this cake entered my life. Moist orange cake (almost pound-cake like, but still light and fluffy), studded with orange zest and saffron.

It's freakishly healthy, if you skip the glaze and the custard. The glaze is, sadly, to die for. Orange juice, honey and more saffron are heated to a yummy syrup and used to drench the cake.

Topping this cake is a Creme-Anglaise type custard. With some more saffron. Mum is going to kill me when she sees the saffron-box.

Some ruby-red sparkly Jelly/Jell-O bits (from a box, don't judge) and flecks of orange stud it.  Made this cake for family, both old and new. I'm good at Buttering people up (bad at puns, though). You should, too, what with Valentine's Day around the corner and everything. When I put the recipes up. Soon. Pinky swear.

Right now, I'm going to go play work with Instagram. And solve The Mysterious Case of The Missing Nutella Jar. So little time, so much to do.

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