Friday, January 20, 2012

Kiwi-Yogurt-Gingersnaps "Tart"

You know of my love for complex dishes. Hours spent in the kitchen: kneading bread, sauces bubbling away to glory for hours on the stove, shaping out cinnamon rolls. On bad days, baking a crusty loaf of bread or a hearty stew makes me feel like I'm capable of accomplishing things.

On some days, I don't have that luxury of time and ingredients. Or the winter (yes, winter) sun warms the kitchen up to oven standards. Or I'm packing on the kilos and have to quit making over elaborate desserts (pshaw) and the like. Enter the wonderment that is yogurt and fruit.

Parfaits. Smoothies. Overnight oats. All delicious and simple. Along the same lines, I give you a slightly more sophisticated dessert with more... adult flavours. Not to sound dodgy.

Flavourful honey, Greek yogurt, gingerbread biscuits and kiwis. I'm not singing the line above. Also, feel totally free to use any other fruit or biscuits/cookie/cracker of your choice.

For example, True Nice biscuits for the "Graham cracker crust" and banana/mangoes as the fruit topping with a teeny bit of toasted coconut would be delicious. Bourbon biscuits for the base, strawberries on top, a little yogurt sweetened with honey. Delicious. Sometimes, yogurt tastes way better than heavy whipping cream. Who knows. Maybe it's the South Indian in me.

I have this gorgeous tart tin that I'm dying to use! No motivation to sit out and roll a buttery pie/pastry crust, so it's total food procrastination. I'll eat a slice of pear tart if you give me one. But do not tell me about the cubes and cubes of cold butter that's been amalgamated in. Sigh.

The one advantage about January/February is the attack of berries and exotic fruit at the greengrocers. Fresh figs, plums, strawberries, avacados and golden pears jostle for space at the spotlight-y area of the various Pazhamudir Nilayams and Chozais. I bought a couple of overpriced kiwi fruit, and decided to make dessert with it. And most of you (except the brother) will agree it's dessert.

Kiwi Yogurt Tart:

(the following measurements were for the tart tin, I had You can use these ratios for a smaller/bigger tin)

Ginger biscuits or Gingersnaps- 12
Unsalted butter- 1.5 tbsp
Demerara sugar- 2 tbsp

Yogurt (greek/thick/strained)- 1 cup
Honey- 1.5 tbsp (or as per taste)
Vanilla essence- 1 tsp
Kiwi fruit- 1 or 2, cut into slices


Pulverize the biscuits with a rolling pin until they form coarse crumbs.

With very clean fingers, rub the cubes of cold butter into the crumbs until you get a wet-sandy mixture.

Knead in the brown sugar.

Line a tart tin or any other baking dish with the crumb-mixture. Press it in firmly. If you're short of the base, just add a couple more crushed biscuits and a pat of butter.

Bake the base at 200 degrees celcius in a preheated oven for 6-8 minutes. Take it out and set to cool.

For the filling:

Whip the yogurt with a fork until smooth and creamy. Add in the honey and vanilla. Taste to see if more honey is necessary.

 There goes the last of my Kashmiri saffron honey. Sob/sigh.

If you're serving immediately, you can add the chopped kiwi fruit. If not, add the kiwi at the last minute possible, as they tend to dilute the yogurt with a bittery/soury fluid.

You can hold off on adding the kiwi bits to the yogurt, and instead just place the slices on top.

Top with sliced kiwi, sprinkle on some more demerara if necessary (I like the crunch-y sugar bits) and some toasted nuts.

Nothing more to do than to dig in!

And yes, it isn't a Tarte Tatin oozing with apple/cinnamon-scented caramel. It doesn't have tomato and feta frolicking around with balsamic, basil and coarse salt. It is most definitely not a New York style cheesecake.

But it is still a pretty picture, no?

Besides, the aforementioned sibling, despite refusing his portion and mumbling "fish food", "dieters delight" (very sarcastically), warily scooped out the last bits of the soppy gingery crust and a stray kiwi piece. Ate it and asked me to make it "properly" for him, again. I'm totally not going to.

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