About Mmm. Food.

The very first post for the blog pretty much explains it all.

I've always loved food.

You should see my childhood photos if you don't believe me. No, I'm not posting them.

I love cooking even more. In fact, most people know me as the girl who makes these misshapen chocolate-chip cookies.

Say Hello to my little friend. My hand-mixer.

Oh. And I have a baking problem. I'm not planning to get help for it.

On most days, I try eating like this.

And sometimes, I make crazy food.

Tender coconut water pudding with pistachios and apples.

Chocolate chip cookie dough balls.

Chicken Vada Pao.

And many a time, I crib about the lack of things like peanut butter chips, food colouring gels and asparagus. And Chex Mix.

Less frequently, I tell you where to get the best Onion Rava Masala Dosai or New York Style Cheesecake in Madras/Chennai.

And somedays, my food and photography turn against me. Cakes split, Rosogollas don't puff up. The camera lens steam up or my hands shake the camera and my non-aesthetic, non-existent photography skills painfully show. Um. The blog is choc-a-bloc with those photos; I'm not posting any here.

However, the joy I get out of cooking for family and friends make it well-worth it.

Burmese Khow Suey, Indian style: a family favourite!

Somebody once told me that there's no better combination than Food and Blogging. I tend to disagree with Somebody a lot, but this time, Aye-Aye, Sire.