Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi. I’m Rabia, and I’m a Food-o-holic.

You know how people say “Oh, for the love of God” in an exasperated tone? I say, For the Love of Food!

That’s the sole reason for this blog’s existence; it’s that simple. I’m 23, born-and-bred in Madras and I love food.  Reading about it, finding fresh produce, watching food maestros do their thing on TLC, feeding the people I love, looking at, and smelling, and most importantly, eating it. Any place I travel to, I make sure I don’t leave without food memories and indigenous ingredients. A new place opens up in Madras, I have to go try it (and give my two-paise worth on it).

The last 6 years of my life were furiously busy (medical school); it was there that I learnt that anything that is semi-edible and not fully rotten constitutes food. I still get nightmares about my internship year, where I’ve had to make do with Strepsils (throat lozenges) for dinner. Oral Rehydration Solution (yes, the yucky fluid you drink when you have gastroenteritis) also helps when it’s 3 AM and you’re 4 hours away from a meal and 4 minutes away from hypoglycemic coma.

That’s when the food fantasies started. It was always brunch; images of fresh fruit with a honey-yoghurt dip, stacks of pancakes and fluffy omelets danced in my head when I was on call for 2 nights in a row. That’s also when I decided I’d go on a narcissistic journey, a la Julia Roberts in Eat. Pray. Love. Only the Eat part, though.

I’m hoping this blog would be choc-a-bloc with recipes (tried-and-tested and experimental), reviews of the best and worst places to eat at in Madras, how I’ve had to make do without cream cheese/tahina/raw sugar/fleur de sel, et cetera and obviously budget food/food on the go. I’ve quite a bit of experience on the last.

Lastly, why “Mmm. Food.”? Verbose though I am, I feel that particular moniker would suit the blog perfectly, as I’m quoting my three favourite foodies.

1.       Homer Simpson: “Mmm. Donut.” I won’t say doughnut like it should be, in keeping with Homer’s quintessential All-American-ness.
2.       Nigella Lawson: Each time The Domestic Goddess makes something so delectable that you feel like licking the LCD screen, you can be sure she punctuates it with an “Mmmm…”
3.       My Foodie Partner-In-crime: The only other person I know who loves food almost as much as I do, but still makes do with Electrol (the aforementioned fluid) when on duty. Who responds to everything I make, from soggy sandwiches to Chocolate Overdose cake, with an “Mmm.” Who bullied me into blogging, and christened this one.

Here's to delicious beginning. Bon Appetit!


  1. I'm glad you took the plunge. Blogging & Food are the best combinations I've known, and especially because you can punctuate your experiences with the desired fantasies that we have.

    So, its a blog-a-thon from now?

  2. As often as this profession-with-punishing-hours allows? And it is a crazy-awesome combination, food and blogging!

    You cannot say I-told-you-so.

  3. interesting!
    have u watched Julia & Julie... if u havent u must considering ur blogging about food...
    good luck...looking forward to reading more..

  4. Thanks so much!
    And no, I haven't, thanks to the crap timings they showed it at the theatre. I will very soon, if only for the food and Meryl Streep!