Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For probably the first time in Forever, I do not feel like cooking, eating or blogging.

It started off with a foot injury. Which was strapped in an adhesive cast and advised nothing more than rest.

I sprayed an OTC painkiller all over my foot. Something Big Pharma promotes a lot, and nothing Tripati/CIMS warns you explicitly against. However, given my lifelong battle with allergies, I broke out in huge hives/blebs/eczema and host of other things that have no business being mentioned on a food blog.

So I'm on a month-long course of icky medication that seems to have cut off interest in life food. Fear not. It won't last more than a week, at the most.

Please make a batch of  brownies. Send me some.

Or soup. Make some Minestrone. And send me some.

I've truly hit rock bottom when I crave soup more than cookies. Cannot wait to be un-sick.

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