Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brunch my way, through the day! Yay!

Brunch is one of the two things I love so much, I'd marry it. It makes me say lame, happy things. Refer to the title.

Languid Sundays are best started over Brunch. Tapas-style, bits of this and that, are spread out on the table. People jostle around, trying to get the last masala-vadai or croque-monsieur. As I've mentioned before, brunch is something I missed terribly during my internship.

This Sunday, to make up for all those working Sundays, I decided to create a holiday. Brunch Day. Imaginative name, I know. All day long, I eat nothing but brunch. Brunch for breakfast, brunch for lunch, brunch for dinner.

It roughly follows this pattern. Mini-pancakes-three-ways for breakfast. The first batch I made with chocolate chips in it, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

The second one had toasted nuts and served with lashings of honey and a pat of butter.

The last one, I made a strawberry-coulis to serve on the side.

The pancakes are Delicious-ness personified. I could eat a whole stack of them (and I would have, if I didn't have the large-Indian-family eating each one just as soon as I flipped it). It's like you're caught in limbo when you have a steaming hot pancake, fresh off the griddle, sizzling around in honey-butter. You have to try it to believe it.

And then you meet your skinny *beep* of a cousin. She can wear tank tops. People offer her food out of pity. And suddenly, you wake up from your pancake-induced coma. Take one look at your oversized pajamas. Thank your brother for eating the last two pancakes (so he is useful. Who'd have thought?)

Lunch suddenly gets way less ambitious. Fruit-and-low-fat yoghurt get thrown into the mixie with a handful of granola. Blitz. Bliiiitttzz. Ice cubes on top. Smoothie! If you have no annoying Barbie-like relatives, sneak in a tablespoon of honey and some nuts.

Since you've been so virtuous (the pancakes were in the dream, remember?), you can afford to be a little indulgent at dinner. So I treated myself to my version of Tortilla de Patatas. A little throwback to the tapas I was referring to.

Incidentally, when will Time Travel actually become reality? Because I would totally do this day over again.

If you're the blah-ish, normal types, whose whole day doesn't revolve around what you're eating for lunch, you can still try any one of the recipes and impress people with it. I'll be posting them over the course of the next two days. I just had to gloat today. Please don't hate me.

Oh. And the other thing I love so much, I'd marry it? It could be chocolate. Keep guessing, though! 


  1. i HAVE to check the blog everyday!!! it is an addiction!!:)

  2. Despite your staunch vegetarianism and all? Thanks so much, A!